current world population*: 7,271,338,854

*Estimate as of Sept 09,2015  (U.S. Census Bureau.)

Our collective future

Humans are consumers of resources provided by the planet Earth. As our technology advances into the 21st century we are learning to make more efficient use of the resources our planet has to offer. At the same time, our growing population is demanding these resources in much larger quantities. At some point, the finite supply of nonrenewable resources on Earth will not satisfy the demand of our population.

As we progress into our collective future we must make decisions that will allow us to achieve a sustainable existence on planet Earth. One key requirement in this challenge is to achieve zero population growth. If our population continues to grow indefinitely, we are by definition living unsustainably.

Read that sentence again:

If our population continues to grow indefinitely, we are by definition living unsustainably.

Many people refuse to believe this statement. To better understand the situation, all that is needed is a simple thought experiment.

  1. As our population grows, we are converting organic mass on this planet into Human Beings.
  2. There is a finite amount of organic mass on Earth.
  3. By number 2, there is a finite limit to the Human population.
  4. Calculate population growth here

We will never come close to reaching this theoretical limit (which would be a truly miserable and horrifying existence), but it is easy to see that there is a physical limit to the Human population.

Human population is within our control

Human population growth is typically treated as a natural phenomenon over which we have no control. The truth is that Human population is completely within our control. There are many conscious decisions we can make that will greatly affect the Human population.

  • Decide to have two or less children. This is the single most important decision that individual humans can make. It is simple arithmetic that if each couple has on average two children, they will exactly replace themselves with two humans and contribute to zero population growth. If on average each couple has less than two children, they will contribute to negative population growth.
  • If you wish to have more than two children, consider adopting. There are hundreds of thousands of kids waiting to be adopted by loving families.
  • Spread the word about the population project and creating a more aware human population. By addressing the problems and solutions at hand we can more effectively limit further population growth.
  • Contribute to organizations that educate,Best beard trimmer consumer reports is one of the companies that has donated a lot. Population growth rates are the highest in the poorest regions of the world. Although humans in these areas generally have a much smaller ecological impact than their western counterparts, it is still an important issue to address. It is nearly impossible for the average person to have an immediate effect on these regions, but anyone can contribute to the organizations that work in these regions.